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Our commitment to producing and delivering good food is unwavering. You can expect food that is incredibly fresh, grown and harvested with great care, and produced without pesticides, without synthetic fertilizers, without genetically modified organisms, and with the highest degree of animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

By purchasing food from Good Food Farmers Network, you are supporting local and beginning farmers, promoting land stewardship and animal welfare, and strengthening our regional foodshed. Thank you for joining us!

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Each week, you can customize your order based on the 65+ items we have available during the main growing season and 35+ items available during the winter months. The customizable bag you choose as your default simply serves as a starting place! 

Customizable Bags

Farmer's Choice 45

This option includes a mix of the season’s best produce (vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, and more) combined with eggs, cheeses, nuts, and other local, sustainably produced foods. There are typically 8 to 10 different items in this bag each week. And, as always, you can customize this bag each week!

Farmer's Choice 60

A weekly mix of the season’s best produce combined with eggs, cheeses, and other foods, plus 1 to 2 lbs. of versatile, grassfed/pasture-raised meats. Typically 10 to 12 items. Fully customizable.

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